Tit-Bit Foods (India) PVT. LTD

We process all kinds & forms of spices in order to cater to the Global Food Palette. Our dynamic nature helps us cater to almost all verticals of the business.


To be recognized as a leading distinctive global food brand admired for its people, passion, and perseverance.


To deliver innovative, highly palatable, reliable, and value for money food products across the globe, maintan the highest standards of integrity and compliance and be the preferred organization to partner with.

Our Infrastructure

We process all kinds & forms of spices in order to cater to the Global Food Palette. Our dynamic nature helps us cater to almost all verticals of the business. We are located in the port city of Navi-Mumbai, where our manufacturing facility is spread across 44,000 sq. ft. amidst lush greenery. With modern technology and universally recognized manufacturing practices, we at Tit-Bit Spices, ensure that wholesome flavours are delivered straight to your kitchens and plates. Our workforce includes qualified chefs and hi-tech researchers that put in their best efforts to spread smiles all around the world with the taste & aroma of our spices

Consistency in taste, aroma and quality of our spices is the outcome of our constant & consistent endeavour.

How Do We Make Our Products?

  • Sourcing

    We source the best harvest from the hubs at the correct seasons and carefully store them after processing.

  •  Testing Raw Material

    We test all our raw materials in the R&D facility to ensure that only excellent quality materials make it to the next production level.

  • Sorting & Cleaning

    After cleaning the raw materials with ultra-modern technology, we sort them by colour. In the next step, we handpick them while maintaining the highest levels of hygiene & sanitization.

  • Drying & Roasting

    These materials are now dried and roasted in large pans to elevate the flavours and aromas of the spices.

  • Grinding

    The spices are grinned at precise speeds to ensure even consistency and retain maximum aroma and flavours.

  • Mixing

    High-speed mixers ensure that there is a perfect blending of spices.

  • Testing of Final Products

    Our R&D team tests the final products in our Hi-tech labs to maintain premium quality and safety as per international standards.

  • Packing

    Our products are packed by the ultra-modern Pick Fill Seal machines & bulk packs are packed in moisture-resistant bags

    to preserve taste and aroma.

  • Storing

    We store the finished products in highly hygienic conditions.

  • Dispatch

    This is the final step before our products reach your homes all over the world.

Global Presence of Tit-Bit

● We are taking India to the world by introducing them to spices and exciting food products that become a part of their daily meals.

● Our experience since 1962 in the food industry makes us one of the best manufacturers and exporters of all kinds of Spices, Oriental mixes and other food products.

● Our consumers can purchase our range of products in convenient packages of 5 gm to 5 kgs. These products are also packed in bulk and marketed all over India as well as overseas.

● Our advanced packaging technology makes us renowned for exceptional quality, taste and shelf life.

● Tit-Bit proudly caters to the want for Indian spices and food products globally.

Saucy Affair - Flirt with Flavours

The newest addition to the Tit-Bit family is a food lovers' paradise. Saucy Affair – Flirt with Flavours launched an exciting and unique range of Sauces, Spreads and Dips to enhance your meals and make them even more delicious. These sauces add extra oomph with spices, cheesiness, and heavenly new flavours effortlessly. These versatile flavoured sauces include Cheesy Cheddar, Peri-Peri Sauce, Schezwan Ketchup, Masala Mafia, Bolognese Sauce and more. Our sauces are game-changers and excite you to play with exotic ingredients and create a new dish in a jiffy.

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Our Team

Our ever-growing success belongs to our committed workforce, who work with enthusiasm and joy to create and deliver products that make us all happy.

  • Mr. Mahendra Doshi

    Founder & Chief Patron

  • Mr. Vijay Doshi

    Managing Director

  • Mr. Nimesh Doshi

    Purchase Director

  • Mr. Nikhil Doshi

    Vice President

  • Mrs. Krupa Doshi

    Vice President Branding