1/2 cup Chhole 

1/4 cup Urad ki dhuli dal (White urad dal)

A small piece of Cabbage

1 small Green bell pepper

1 small Onion

10-11 pieces of Baby carrots

2 tablespoon Green cilantro

1 small Green chili

1-2 clove of Garlic

1 tablespoon or small piece of ginger

1 tsp chhole masala 

Salt to taste

1/2 cup Besan (Chickpea flour)

2 tablespoon Oil to cook Kebabs

1 tablespoon Chaat Masala – to sprinkle on top

2 teaspoon Lemon Juice – to sprinkle on top



  1. Soak chana dal for 2-3 hours. Likewise soak Urad dal for 2-3 hours.
  2. Assemble all the other ingredients. And veggies.
  3. Wash and drain dal. Make sure it is completely free of water. Add it to a food processor.
  4. Add veggies. If using a mixer to grind dal, then please do not add veggies to the mixer. It will make the mixture runny and difficult to handle. Instead finely chop the veggies and add it to the grounded dal later.
  5. Grind dal into a fine grainy paste Add spices one by one and give it a fine churn.
  6. If using a mixer to grind dal then transfer it to a separate bowl, add spices and finely chopped/grated veggies.
  7. Adjust seasonings.
  8. Transfer it to a bowl and add besan. Mix it well. Besan will bind the mixture and make it somewhat thick. Meaning the mixture will still be soft and gooey to touch and that is what will make softer kebabs.
  9. Take some mixture in hand. And start shaping the kebabs. If you are finding it difficult to shape the kebabs then apply some oil in your palms and try shaping them. Keep the shaped kebabs in the refrigerator for 30 minutes. One way is to spread these kebabs on wet skewers and pan cook them and another method is to shape them like kebabs and pan cook them.
  10. After 30 minutes, take them out. Heat oil in a kadai, add kebabs and start cooking on a medium flame.
  11. Cook until well browned, stirring occasionally,for about 10-15 minutes.
  12. Chhole seekh kebabs are ready. Sprinkle lemon juice and chaat masala.
  13. Serve hot with your favorite chutney
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