Garam Masala

Ground Spices

Garam Masala is an intoxicating, complex and aromatic spice blend that is essential when cooking authentic Indian cuisine. It is used alone or with other seasonings. The addition of the Garam Masala to Indian dishes enhances and balances the flavours of the recipe bring out the fragrant floral notes. The word Garam means ‘hot’ and Masala simply means ‘spices’,  the term Garam Masala literally translates to ‘hot spices’  The natural properties of the spices not only provide flavour but helps to enhance digestion. The combination of whole spices used in Garam Masala varies from region to region. Due to its complex and complete composition, Garam Masala can provide the sweetness of fennel and the spice of pepper at the same time. Tit-Bit Garam Masala is a perfect combination of spices, to impart a distinct taste and flavour to the recipes. It is universal taste enhancer.