What goes into making Tit-Bit a ’22-carat’ spices? We have been making spices with the same love and cared for more than 34 years that goes into their use across the country and overseas.

We are spellbound to receive overwhelming responses across the globe, as far as appetence is concerned. We attain immense pleasure in winning hearts worldwide, wherever nourishment, friendship, and hospitality consolidate.


What gives Tit-Bit products the edge.

  • World-class production facilities on a sprawling 44,000 sq.ft complex.
  • Adhering to stringent international standards and the guidelines of the FSSC: 22000 and ISO 22000:2005 at every step to procuring, cleaning, drying, crushing, grinding and blending to coating, packing and storing – all under one roof to emerge as 22-carat spices.
  • Meticulous and uncompromising approach to quality with a commitment to excellence.
  • In-house R&D laboratory where rigid tests are carried out on parameters like moisture and ash content, levels of aflatoxin, salmonella, e-cocci, etc. for safety, hygiene, and purity.
  • A panel of food technologists certifies the entire gamut of Tit-Bit products for flavour, aroma, and quality.
  • Keen marketing insights by not just anticipating, but knowing the consumers need.


The Tit-Bit legacy is the perfect blend of vision and astute entrepreneurship of Mr Mahendra Doshi.

From a budding spice trader in the early 80’s, he has established an ultra-modern manufacturing facility sprawling over 44,000 sq. Ft. amidst the lush greenery of the port city of Navi Mumbai. Initially christened ‘Tit-Bit Foods (India) Pvt. Ltd’, today it is popularly known as Tit-Bit, and Mr Mahendra Doshi is globally recognized as “The Man with 22 Carat Spices”.

He has conceptualized a unique product portfolio to cater to every Indian palate. No wonder, Tit-Bit Spices has won acclaim as an excellent source of Indian spices. Our demand for spices has grown manifold domestically due to its product excellence. The product spectrum to has broadened from only spices to comprise of soups and ready mixes.

As a Founder and Chief Patron, Mr Mahendra Doshi has passed the baton of running the dynamic Tit-Bit empire to his three ingenious sons. The eldest son, Mr Vijay Doshi manages the entire portfolio, passionately supported by his brothers Mr Nimesh Doshi and Mr Nikhil Doshi.

In 1996, the 3 brothers launched Tit-Bit overseas by successfully foraying into exports of Tit-Bit Spices and Food Products. Thus we have gained brand recognition for its product and delivery of excellence across countries like USA, UK, Canada, Japan, Switzerland and West Africa.

We persist to flourish under the aegis of Mr Mahendra Doshi from whom his sons derive both inspiration and succour in maintaining “The Trinity of Excellence.”

@Tit-Bit – The only ‘additive’ is care and the only ‘preservative’ is quality.